For almost a decade, West Chester University has commited itself to the importance of human capital–developing and growing its employees through services provided by the Office of Training and Organizational Development.  Because of this commitment, we are able to offer over 50 different programs a semester that contributes to employees’ professional growth and development.  In addition, professional development extends beyond traditional classroom learning.  We now offer webinars, teleseminars, e-zines, online learning, coaching, consulting, and more!  Because of what we’ve been able to accomplish over the years, we have been asked to help develop the PASSHE Academy and provide training and services to all 14 state universities.   It has been an honor to provide value added services across the state system of higher education.


SCOTT SHERMAN, WCU’s Director of Organizational Development, brings over 25 years of human resource, leadership, supervisory, performance, consulting and coaching experience.  Scott received his Certified Professional Coach designation from the acclaimed International Coach Academy and his bachelor and master’s degrees in Industrial and organizational Psychology and Business from Penn State and West Chester University.  To contact Scott, e-mail ssherman@wcupa.edu or 610.436.3380.



MOLLY NECE, WCU’s Senior Internal Consultant, brings over 15 years of public speaking experience with over 50 keynotes and workshops to choose from.  She enjoys both designing and delivering quality programs that meet and exceed clients’ expectations.  Molly has worked in both the private and public sectors.  As a result, she inspires people of all ages and stages in life and finds satisfaction in helping others reach their full potential both at work and home.  Molly’s degrees vary from Training and Organizational Development, Lean Six Sigma, Psychology and Elementary Education.  She also has authored multiple books and provides meaningful content, activities, and stories to all her programs and services so that people can create and live their best life.  To contact Molly, e-mail mnece@wcupa.edu or call 610.738.0476.


“I have attended online seminars, meetings and team seminars to grow as a professional at WCU and as a human being. My schedule is very busy at work, but I make sure I invest some time in what is offered through this office.  I walk away richer from every experience I have had with the Office of Training & Organizational Development.”  –Preeti Singh, Twardowski Career Development Center

The Office of Training and Organizational Development is a valuable resource of West Chester University.  It is evidence of the investment that the university makes in its employees.  The personal coaching and the workshops/webinars offered by the office have enabled me to identity my professional values, prioritize the values, set goals to address the values, and develop techniques to achieve the goals.  As a result I have become more effective, more efficient, and more fulfilled. –Monica Zimmerman, Associate Professor of Management and Director of the Cottrell Center

As someone challenged by ADHD whose job demands strong organization and time-management skills, it was crucial for me to become more efficient in handling e-mail and paperwork.  I’m glad that you partnered with me this summer to develop those skills. Beyond the tips and strategies you offered, I am grateful for the generous amount of time you spent with me, the positive perspective you provided on workplace/lifestyle issues, and your willingness to hold me accountable for planning and follow-through.  Thanks to you, I’m in a much better position now than I was a few months ago.   –Juanita Comfort, Associate Professor of English

“This is such an awesome perk!  I really look forward to these programs.” –Sherry Marvil, Secretary, Department of Counselor Education

“Thanks for helping us get better organized and improve how we do things! I learned a lot and enjoyed the sessions. Your enthusiasm and positive energy are contagious!” –Sally, PA Literature and Writing Project

“Thank you for three outstanding sessions!  We’ve always prided ourselves on our team work, but clearly everything you shared with us  has already  enhanced our vision and teamwork, reduced stress by making each of our individual jobs  more transparent and organized, and  rejuvenated our team!”  –Mary, PA Writing and Literature Project


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